Control Manager

During my internship, I redesigned two features of an existing product through qualitative research, prototype design, and usability test, in order to create a better experience for the users.

  • User Research/ Product Design/ Prototyping/ Usability Test

  • 8-week development on Jul 2015


Control Manager has been on the market for 10 years, the target user of it is the IT developers in the enterprise.

The obvious problem includes low consistency while integrating multiple Trend Micro products, and the usability problems due to the old-fashioned design of the interface.



Redesign two features (New Ad Hoc Query & Custom Reports) of Control Manager to fix the usability issues.


Research (2.5weeks)

First, I did the competitive analysis for other two Trend Micro products to analyze their pros and cons.

Then, I interviewed three internal users each from the IT team, Security team, and the support team, in order to understand their current pain points and needs.

After the interviews, I had some interesting findings. For example, the personality varies from different job positions. The IT developer seems more careless and impatient, while the developer in security team seems more careful and serious. Therefore, designing a product that fits both of their needs is my main goal.

Design (2weeks)

After reviewing the current issues, the design process came to next and took about 2 weeks. First, I discussed the overall structure with my mentor based on my sketching draft, then I made a prototype by AXURE. Next, I also had peer review and PDG review with the stakeholders (including the product manager, QA, architect, and developers) to discuss my design and make it more comprehensive.


design v1.

User Test and Design Iteration(1.5weeks)

During the user testing process, I collaborated with the researcher, so I listed the tasks to help them conduct the usability test. After the testing, I received lots of positive feedback. For example, I simplified the user interface flow and added some new features based on my user interview insights, and the users do feel more convenient and intuitive than the original design. Besides, I also found some improvements need to be refined, so I made a design iteration afterward.

"It's much better when there was a preview feature, without having to generate a report to view the result."(p1)

"I think it's really useful for the preview feature."(p3)

"The copy feature is very convenient, I can criteria for the specific virus or endpoint, without generating a new one again."(p3)

"The filter feature is good, I used to do this in Excel, it's excellent if the web can do it as well."(p1)

"It's more intuitive than the current Control Manager, I can view the search criteria and the result at the same time."(p3)


I had learned three things from the internship. First of all, although it’s my first time to work on the web-based product, I found that the design purpose is always the same: we should do the design based on our user needs. Second, the main difference between the mobile app and the web platform is that the former may be more about interactions, fancy effects, and intuitive gestures, while this project put a great focus on structure and layout. At last, it’s also my first time to collaborate with researchers and visual designers, so I could learn a lot of professional skills from them. For example, the thing I learned from the researchers was how to stay neutral and regain control from the interviewees during the interviews. All of the above is that I couldn't learn from the school projects.

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