My UX Contribution

I help the team become stronger
by introducing UX methods to the team

Wanna view the product in a bird-eye view? Let's create Information Architecture Boards!

In order to increase the collaboration efficiency between PMs and designers, I started the process of building the whole information architecture board of the product with the stakeholders.

First, I clarified the different features of the product with flow charts. Second, our visual designers helped to print out all screens and paste them on the board. Third, we noted the screen names and the logic with Post-it and linked all screens with pins and lines. When we faced some features with complex architecture, we invited PMs to clarify the logic together. After building the information architecture board, it does help us to find the problems from a holistic point of view and help to collaborate with the stakeholders efficiently.

It’s my first time to organize such a large scale of information architecture board with team members. I had to figure out how to assign different works for everyone and control the progress between different boards. The most important was that I had to ensure consistency across different boards and to make sure each board is clear enough to understand for anyone in a short time without extra explanation.

Don't know how to organize the overwhelming features? Let's do the card sorting together!

One of the features in the product I owned had complex categories that lead to low usage efficiency, and the redundant information also required high reading efforts. Therefore, I suggested to optimize the items of the page with the product managers by Card Sorting methodology.

First, I wrote down every item of the pages on the post-it. Second, the product managers explained the purpose of each item, to help everyone in the meeting to get familiar with all features. And then, we removed the items that were redundant or useless to our users. At last, we organized similar items and named each category.

After Card Sorting, everyone does think that the page is clearer than before and believe that our users can find the feature they want much faster.

Have a trouble with finding problems for the product? Let's do a Heuristic Evaluation!

In my work, I had used Heuristic Evaluation to review products and help the product teams reveal the experience problems. First, I would design the main tasks to cover the overall usage scenarios. Take a browser product as an example, the tasks would be onboarding, searching, incognito browsing, settings, etc. Second, I would invite the stakeholders including product managers, designers, and developers to review the product together with the Heuristic Evaluation. Last, we would share the problems we had found and prioritized the problems and fixed them afterward.

I think Heuristic Evaluation is an effective way to reveal problems in a short time, especially when it’s conducted with the stakeholders, we can review the products in a holistic point of view and find out the most important problem to solve first.

PG 体验走查_April.001
PG 体验走查_April.002
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PG 体验走查_April.021
PG 体验走查_April.022
PG 体验走查_April.023
PG 体验走查_April.024
PG 体验走查_April.025
PG 体验走查_April.026
I help the team works more efficiently by defining the design process

After I participated in the IBM design thinking workshop, I realized the importance of being aligned with stakeholders. Hence, in order to reach this goal in my daily working life, I set a design process guideline to my design team. The purpose is to lower the unnecessary communication time due to the lack of being aligned. Also, I visualized the design process and printed it out to put on everyone's desk, to remind ourselves in our everyday works.

I help the design community become better by sharing in the public

For me, sharing in the public is not only helping others to learn but also a process of self-development. Particularly, when presenting on an occasion that over a hundred audience, I have to train myself the storytelling ability. I’m glad that after the sharing, I received lots of positive feedback, it’s really happy to help others with my own ability.

“ The method that April shared is really helpful. But, the most useful part to me is the way that April presented. She shared the method in a very simple but clear way, and also mentioned about how she applied it to her work.

It’s awesome! “


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